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At Blue Whale Credit We
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Blue Whale Credit is a financial services firm specializing in credit restoration and consultation services. Blue Whale Credit is a 90 percent referral based company that has worked very hard over the years to perfect our level of service and provide real solutions for our clients when it comes to raising their credit scores. Service and solutions are imperative, but timing and technique are also vital to help consumers repair their credit. Through guided strategies from our credit experts and deleting erroneous, unverifiable information reporting on consumers' credit reports, we have helped many U.S. families increase their credit scores even after BK’s, foreclosures, etc.

Fixing Your Credit Is Our Top Priority!

Blue Whale Credit works hard to understand every aspect of the credit restoration industry and apply our knowledge on our client’s behalf to ensure we truly were doing all we could to improve their credit profile.

Here Are Some Reasons to Work Together

We Believe in Good Customer Service

We believe that you should have ways to contact us during the month in which we're waiting for responses from creditors and bureaus, so we built a 24/hour live chat.

We Believe in Building Good Relationships

We believe when we take care of our clients they will happily refer us to their friends and family. That's why we have over a 90% referral percentage rating.

We Believe in Our Abilities

We believe that once we review your credit reports, we can come up with an action plan that helps you meet your goals.

Here At Blue Whale Credit
You'll See We Are Focused on Results!

Not only do we open investigations with all 3 credit bureaus for all the negative items on your credit report but we actually threaten the creditor not the credit bureau with legal action on your behalf. Unless the creditor can prove they have followed all the laws ( FCRA – Glossary ) they are obliged by law to protect your consumer rights within 30 days or the account gets deleted. If the creditor cannot prove they have in fact complied with all these laws, the negative item on your credit report must be deleted by default. It is the additional layer where we threaten the creditor first with a law suit on your behalf that makes our level of permanent deletions so impressive.

Custom Tailored Program

Blue Whale Credit has always worked very hard to make its program affordable for those with the sincere desire to re-establish their credit. Blue Whale has never turned anyone away with a sincere desire to enroll in our program and has the ability to follow our guidance while they are with us.



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We Provide Solutions during
our 15-minute credit consultation

One of our highly trained credit analysts will be able to assess your situation accurately and let you know what we can do, how long it will take and where your credit scores should be when we are done. In this way you will have all the information you need to make an educated decision for yourself and your family.

There are so many ‘credit repair’ companies out there . . . why choose Blue Whale Credit?

Blue Whale works hard to provide what you need most at this uncertain time in your life, however serious or minor your credit challenge is. We are a company with real people who care about your situation. We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately assess your situation and focus on the key changes that are needed to achieve a 70 to 100+ credit score increase (our average client score increase) in the shortest amount of time possible.